Special Report: Are You One Of The 33% Of Americans That Suffer From Type II Diabetes?

This Clinically Proven Remedy Has Helped Thousands Balance Blood Sugar Levels For The First Time In Years.

Published 1 week ago on July 9, 2020
By Amber Sylvia

(Health News) - We investigate the results behind the fastest selling remedy on the market, Sugar Balance.

It seems too good to be true. But according to lead researcher, Professor Roy Taylor, reversing type II diabetes is not only possible, it’s simple.

That’s refreshing news for the over 100 million people in America now have diabetes. That’s 1 in 3 people. That’s not including pre-diabetics or those at risk of diabetics.

And those that are affected really do suffer. They can’t eat like everyone else. They have trouble losing weight. Their morning routine includes painfully pricking their fingers and injecting themselves with needles.

On top of that, they’re at risk of serious conditions including blindness, heart disease, and stroke.

The medical industry doesn’t provide much hope, while pharmaceuticals including insulin exist, they only offer a way to manage, not eliminate blood sugar problems.  Many people steadily decline over the years, until now.

Around the country we heard reports of people having miraculous results with herbal remedies based on Dr. Taylors research. But what do these herbs really work?  If so, how?

With so many positive reviews about Sugar Balance, Health News decided to do some in-depth research on why this all-natural remedy seems to work so well.

Chinese herbs have been studied for their potential role in easing serious complications of Type II diabetes.  Even for those on insulin, this natural alternative provides relief for those suffering.


Dr. Taylors research found something truly shocking.  That maybe, just maybe...

Diabetes seems so hard to cure because doctors have been TREATING THE WRONG ORGAN.

Most people believe diabetes is a disfunction of the pancrea, when in fact it has much more to do with the liver.  This is really good news because it’s much easy to repair a poor functioning liver.

Researchers have found powerful herbs that support the liver and improve its function in cleaning the blood, so excess fat doesn’t lead to insulin resistance.

In fact, with proper supplementation and some short term diet changes, you can easily restore balanced blood sugar levels and shock your endocrinologist.

After 27 years of research, Sugar Balance was created to combat the root cause of type II diabetes at all levels.



The results people were getting surprised us, so we LOOKED DEEPER.

We learned the diabetes is a $100 million market.  You would think that Big Pharma would be working overtime to find a cure.  But they’re not.

Likely because they’re making too much money of test strips and prescription drugs.  One epidemiologist name David Pearson decided this was unacceptable.  He couldn’t let hundreds of millions of people suffer needlessly.  So he began his 27 year journey to discover the solution.

Sugar Balance attacks high blood sugar on all fronts. The ingredients have been clinically studied to fight the root cause of type II diabetes, which is too much fat in the liver.

And this is why it is so effective, because it targets the true root cause.

We decided to speak to 2 users of Sugar Balance for ourselves and found out what they had to say:

Berneice, a 71 year old grandmother from Mitchellfurt, Florida was one of the first users of Sugar Balance.

“Move over Big Pharma. You’ve failed us. You sent us looking in the wrong place. And I’m
not taking it anymore.  I’m taking Sugar Balance and it’s changing my life.”

“I can’t believe how much my blood sugar levels have come down.  Even though I’ve been eating custard donuts, something I could never eat before.  It’s done wonders for my varicose veins too.”

“My doctor was just as surprised, but the numbers don’t lie.  Within a month, I had my life back! I can eat the foods I love and have boundless energy.  My eyesight keeps improving. This is a lifesaver.  It really changed my whole life.”

Gregory, a 52 year old carpenter from Savanah, South Carolina was one of the first users of Sugar Balance.

“Getting the diagnoses of diabetes seemed like a life sentence to me. Then I found Sugar Balance and found there actually is a way to defeat this terrible disease. Now I’ve got a smile I cannot wash off my face.  And I owe that all to David Pearson.”

“This information need to get out to ever person suffering with diabetes.  Honestly, Sugar Balance changed my whole life.  I have no more leg pain.  I feel younger than ever.  This worked when nothing else did.”


Sugar Balance is a combination of powerful herbs that haven been proven to balance blood sugar levels by supporting the body to clear excess liver fat. Each of these herbs is backed by numerous studies. Here are just a few of the “miracle herbs”:

Lycium Barbarum - Used for centuries in China for the treatment of diabetes and has recently been found to be novel treatment in preventing diet-induced fatty liver.

Platycodon Grandiflorus - This extract has been shown to lower blood sugar levels by reducing triacylglycerol (FAT) storage in the liver.

Wild Yam Root - In a study done in 2015, from Dalian Medical University, researchers found that wild yam root “decreased fasting blood glucose and blood fat levels”.

Astragalus Root - This extract improves blood sugar levels and protects the liver from cellular dysfunction and liver fibrosis.

Milk Thistle Seed - Contains natural compounds that decrease blood sugar levels and harmonize the liver while helping to remove fat deposits.

All these work together to restore proper insulin flow and  balance your blood sugar. These ingredients are the reason so many people have seen incredible results so quickly.

The herbs in Sugar Balance have many beneficial effects on the human body.  When combined their effects are supercharged.  In fact, studies have identified thousands of benefits, for dozens of ailments - here are just a few:

Lowers Blood Sugar - Several studies have shown the glucose regulating effects of these herbs

Improves Neuropathy - It soothes inflamed nerves

Reduces Pain - With lower blood sugar, general pain is also reduced

Improves Sleep - Many users report failing asleep faster and feeling more refreshed

Helps Weight Loss - Has been shown to significantly reduce waist circumference

Reduces Foot Infections - Lowering blood sugar leads to fewer fungal infections

Improves Eyesight - Better circulation leads to sharper vision

Reduces Dry Mouth - Many users report healthy gums and lower levels of thirst

Reduces Pins & Needles - Lower triglyceride levels improve blood flow to the extremities

Helps Digestion - With a better functioning liver, expect easier digestion

Further Studies Show Promising Results With Other Conditions - These Include:

Stroke & Heart Disease

Much Fewer Amputations

Future research may shown benefits in combating cancer as well!

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“Blood sugar was 213 before I started, 3rd day was 170 and this morning was 122.  Amazing results.  Please feel free to use the above as a reference.”
Jennifer Choi, Buffalo, NY

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“I am 74 year old man and have been a Type II diabetic for 29 years. Since starting Sugar Balance I got off both my insulins and in 2 weeks and my readings were normal. Thrilled with this product!”
Geoff Dunbar, Southfield, MI

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“I'm one happy customer! Since I started taking Sugar Balance I have been feeling so much better and have even lost  6 lbs. Today marks my 21th day since starting, and I'm convinced that I'm diabetes free.”
Judy Pann, Tulsa, OK

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“I have been taking the Sugar Balance Herbal and purchased the three month supply. I've been eating well and I’m on week seven and off my insulin and some of my oral medications! Thank you so much!”
Phyllis Rogers, Savannah, GA

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“My blood sugar levels are down drastically since I started taking Sugar Balance and I've got the energy of my 20s again! Highly recommend this product to anyone struggling with high blood sugar.”
Ray Brown, Sarasota, FL

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“I was sick and tired of my diabetes controlling my life and I tried Sugar Balance on a whim. Boy am I glad I did! My blood sugars are down to the 80’s, numbers I haven’t seen in 15 years!”
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